Well, most of us who are in the digital space, one day must have come across this thought of creating a Wikipedia page. So how do we create one, what are the conditions you have to keep in mind while you are in the process of it?

First of all, it is not easy. There is one thing that the company or individual about whom the page is being created receives a tremendous amount of traffic to their website.

Should you create a Wikipedia page? Here are a few pointers that this type of content may meet your needs:

  • If your company has created an extremely new technology or works on the technology which only a couple of companies work on in the world.
  • Your founder or company is “notable.” Wikipedia editors apply a “notability” test to determine if your subject warrants a Wikipedia page. If your company has invented something or if your founder is a person-of-note.
  • You can’t find any information about your technology or topic in Wikipedia. This is what prompted me to suggest that I should create a Wikipedia page for my client’s technology.

Listing down the steps to creating a Wikipedia page:

Here we list some steps which will help you to a great extent, whereas you will get even deeper info on articles and guides about Wiki help pages.

  1. Before you begin creating the content of the page, do research well. Learn the ins and outs of it very carefully. Being a good Wikipedia citizen will help ensure your page won’t be deleted or challenged after you’ve submitted it for review.
  2. Create an account. You must be a registered user to make changes to existing Wikipedia pages and articles, as well as to create your own. Creating an account is very simple. Do not use fake names, you are not hiding or doing something wrong.
  3. Start by making small changes to existing pages. Test your skills before you begin creating a new page. Begin with those pages who are really familiar with.

Make sure you make some logical changes, as every activity is recorded on your profile. Participate as much as you can. With this, you will automatically be an autoconfirmed user on Wikipedia. This gives you permission to perform certain restricted functions, such as uploading images and moving pages to the public space.

  1. Sources are tremendously important in Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia (not another marketing channel for promoting your product), and this means everything on your page needs to be verified.

You’ll need third-party sources such as printed material (books and magazines) and online material such as websites, articles, or video to support the information you provide. This is very important. As, brands who do not have any offline presence, not featured in any media, doesn’t really help you sail through the approval process.

Your content must be factual and unbiased. Also, consider including images. You’re only allowed to use images you own or images not subject to copyright.

Find these tips to be helpful? We will come up with some more info on Wikipedia page creations.