Mailchimp is surely one of the most known email marketing tools every digital marketer is aware of. The good news is that it is now spreading its arms for its users to even support them for Facebook Ads! Wow.

The objective of the company is to become a holistic marketing platform for businesses. Mobile is the most demanding platform for social and messaging to Mailchimp is targeting its users to help them find easy on Facebook.

As MailChimp notes, 16 percent of its more than 15 million users are e-commerce companies — a number that has increased 46 percent over the last year. Almost half of MailChimp’s current revenue also comes from exactly these customers. Given that many of these companies are probably already using both MailChimp and Facebook Ads, there are some clear synergies here.

People who clearly understand the designing or making an email template on Mailchimp too, they easily get the hang of Facebook Ads.

Unsurprisingly, MailChimp will let its customers use their email lists to target their existing fans and customers, but it will also allow them to target a Facebook “lookalike audience” that has characteristics that are similar to existing MailChimp subscriber lists, as well as simply targeting a specific audience on Facebook. Now this will be a real good turning point for the users.

MailChimp will not charge its users any fees on top of Facebook’s usual costs (which start at $5 per day for the click-based ads) and will allow them to track their campaigns right inside of their existing MailChimp dashboards. This move will definitely make Mailchimp users go crazy about this new feature. Facebook ads users do find newer ways to target newer audiences and this new feature will be a killer one!