By this question, you might have got a hint about what we are going to talk about! If not, then, in a nutshell, our profile pictures on Facebook are not safe, hence it can be shared, downloaded, it can be misused. It has been analyzed through a survey that female Facebook users do not prefer uploading their profile picture as they feel it can be misused.

Hence, Facebook has started testing a new feature especially for its users in India. This feature will give a protective shield to your profile picture which will not allow anyone to tag anyone on it, download, and take screenshot or share. A special icon will be displayed on the picture which will show that the profile picture is protected. These features will be soon rolled out for users on Android platform, later for iOS users.

An Indian designer has been roped in to create these safety controls with attractive design options. Facebook claims that users are less likely to misuse the photo by 75% if the guard is turned on.

Initially, they will be rolling out this feature only for India and gradually for other countries.