One of the most awaited high tech smartphone the iPhone 7 has been creating a massive turbulence of anticipation among the Apple fans. Though we can foresee that it will be in your nearby store this year and have been hearing about a lot many leaks and since months, however, this time we can see something from Unbox Therapy.

So what is Unbox Therapy? It is one of YouTube’s most popular channel with subscriptions over 5 million, is considered one the most trustworthy sources for any information in the tech world. The channel obtained a framework of the upcoming iPhone 7 plus or as rumoured to be called the ‘iPhone 7 Pro’.

The channel showcased the framework in detail as they pointed out the major changes in hardware and also the larger screen of 5.5 inches. The phone features a dual lens camera as mentioned before in previous leaks and a missing headphone jack, yes you read that correctly, missing! Basically every annoying feature we hoped that would be untrue. The phone also has twin external speakers to fill the void of the missing headphone jack. The video also confirmed the blue colour variant that was being speculated a few weeks ago. For more information on the framework check out the Unbox Therapy video below:

With this grinding rumour, @evleaks confirmed the date of launch and the pre-order details a couple of days back. According to him, the iPhone 7 will be available for pre-order on September 9th and will probably launch on September 16th. So, better not let your wallet bend by then!

But, how can one assume this is true? Well, @evleaks is the most trustworthy source of info and has an amazing history. In the past few years, his predictions have been pretty accurate and we all know how Apple loves Wednesdays; well, the official announcement is expected to be on September 7th. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!