E-commerce player Amazon has been known for its innovation and cutthroat competition. It has taken some major steps to reach customers in better ways. Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime Air are one of those steps. Amazon Prime Air is a delivery system to safely get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), known as drones. It’s been three years since Amazon has announced its plan to deliver packages via drone. Amazon successfully delivered packages via drone without a human pilot in December 2016. It has been granted a patent from the U.S Patent & Trademark Office, for shipping labels with an inbuilt parachute that helps in easy deliveries by drone. This enables packages to parachute to your doorstep. The patent briefs how the label could also incorporate shock absorbers and a network of sensors to track the package’s descent. The patent documents show an effortless workflow for delivery via drone parachute. All safety majors have been taken to land the package at the delivery spot without causing any damage. The patent explains the new system includes an adhesive backing, cords, a parachute and a breakaway cover. The steps include

  • Pack item
  • Attach parachute shipping label
  • Attach to UAV
  • Drop at delivery location

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Limitations are falling harshly on this system, such as the most powerful batteries can drive a drone for about 30 minutes without any recharge. The helipad is important in every place of delivery may it be your garden or terrace, therefore deliveries will be tricky if you live in an apartment. Telephonic wires can be a cause of the problem for smooth deliveries. Most importantly you need to live close to the distribution center.

Well, don’t expect air deliveries soon. And once it starts it's going to be ground-breaking.