There was a time when marketing had limited scope and limited ways of attracting customers. Slowly and Gradually Development in technology led to progressive changes in the field of IT, Industry etc. Credits go to the LPG policy i.e. Liberalisation, Privatisation, and Globalisation. This was the time when India especially saw drastic changes as International Market flourished, opportunities increased, Trendsetting innovations and inventions came up because people were given freedom to explore the world like never before. Well, this all happened in the 1990s, Now it’s 2017 and staggering developments are been done like Driver-less cars, Drone Deliveries, Cryptocurrencies, Designer Babies, tallest buildings, Longest Bridges etc. And how does this information spread throughout the world? Newspapers? Radio-stations? Nah, the fastest way to reach every person on this earth is through SOCIAL MEDIA. One Click and there it is. From how things are made, where to buy, how to use, who is the highest paid on the Forbes list, who is the new boyfriend of the super popular Pop-Star. EVERYTHING and ANYTHING are readily available on social media. People are crazily madly in love with social media and that’s how we can target them to buy our product or service.

Important Features of social media according to few surveys - Videos are essential for marketers nowadays. Live Videos on Facebook, Instagram etc. are a far, Facebook is the most important social network for marketers by a long shot, Snapchat is also gaining the reach, Facebook ads, boosting the posts, likes, promoting etc. are worth the investment, Instagram is the easiest way to not only promote your business but also carry on your business without any registration or process. Through Social Media Marketing one can spread his market like a virus. Other important tools are tactics, engagement, measurement, and audience.

Normal people turn out to earn money just by posting their daily life photos on Instagram or Facebook such as travelers, Gym freaks, Photographers, dancers, singers etc. Students have started a business through marketing, selling their products just by posting pictures on Instagram.


  • Brand Promotion
  • High ROI
  • Improved Customer service
  • High market reach
  • Increased digital exposure
  • Expansion and Diversification
  • Reduced Market costs

The social media marketing may seem easy to execute but there are millions of players on this platform running behind being the best. There is cut throat competition from around the world and you have to make your way to your targeted customer. So, it’s all about mind games and crazy ways of using the tools and techniques to win the race. All the best folks!