The World is busy Discussing Global Warming, iPhone 8, Trade and Development, Dhinchak Pooja’s rap, Trump’s Decisions and Rakhi Sawant’s Instagram.
But hey, are you aware of the new Beer ATM? Money isn’t the only thing you can withdraw. The world now has a Beer ATM fulfilling every beer lover’s dream. Instant food, Instant Cash, Instant services and now Instant Beer. Randolph Beer in Brooklyn lets you serve yourself. Just walk and withdraw your beer like you withdraw money.24 craft beers are on tap. All the taps are situated on a glorious Beer Wall. Thirsty? Let’s have some Beer.

  • Make your way to Beer ATM
  • Submit your credit card
  • And get your Beer card
  • You can have 1 ounce or 12 ounce
  • Try various kinds of Beers at one place

And the best Part it serves you with Crazy Bar Food the Giant Pretzel with beer cheese. It’s a Perfect Partner along with Beer.

Innovations are increasing in the sphere of making customers more curious and exciting about the experiences of products and services, being successful with those ideas is important. Well Brooklyn’s Beer ATM is amazing and going great with the concept of self-serving. Go Get some beer buddy!! ;)