Feminism is meant to bring equal rights for women when inequality arises. It is about fighting discrimination, violence towards women, equal rights, and self-empowerment. It is about encouraging women to be strong, confident individuals.The roots of feminism worked well to uplift women, but by time and growth Feminism has gone mainstream. It is not only dead, but it has been murdered by self-proclaimed feminists.  Gone are the days of fighting for equality, now it's all hate and insecure madness. Feminism is so disorganized that they forgot about the basic idea is to respect everybody.  Men and women both have issues in this modern world and the best we can do is try to unify, rather than divide based on gender. The aim should be to stand up for everyone against any victimization, instead of blaming it on men. The gender difference is only on the basis of body structure and it doesn’t define anybody’s identity. Feminism is NOT about hating men. But it took a wrong turn as it is being used unfairly. We need to understand the difference between Equity and Equality. For example, there is a company with 30 women and 50 men, both work for 8 hours a day,

  • Right Feminism policy would demand equal salary on the basis of work and time hours for women.
  • When feminism works selfishly, the so-called feminist would demand more salary than men for women regardless of their work and time even if they are working for fewer hours
  • Equity means if somebody is working for 8 hours will get paid worth it and if somebody works for 12 hours will be paid more, PS: Irrespective of them being men or women.

So we need to inculcate the right meaning of equity and equality. In the law of the court, a criminal will be punished, be it a man or a woman. The court doesn’t discriminate between men and women. You are right, you will get justice. You are wrong, you will be punished.

The Media and news also play an important role in giving the right message to the world.

But they end up misinterpreting and present the false message. When a girl is raped the whole world shakes and media creates a havoc. Social Media runs faster than light. SHARE, COMMENT, LIKE …OH, MY GOD!! But when a boy is raped barely anybody is aware of it.

Molestation at a workplace, public places etc. is another thing why feminism bursts out. Ladies are you aware that ‘’Your brother, Your husband, You boyfriend can also be molested?’’

‘’My boss looks at me very weirdly, that makes me feel uncomfortable. The other day she asked me to drop her home, while we were driving our way back home, she started touching me. Thank god we reached our destination before she tried anything more.’’ – said the boy who newly joined the office.
Once my guy friend told me that he went for acting auditions for a well-known Production house, But what happened there? He was molested, asked for wrong things which hurt him.

Isn’t this unfair? Where is the world now? Where is the helpline number? Where are the NGOs? Where is media now? Where are the candles? Where is the hunger strike? Where are the posters saying ‘’Protect men’’

Women are no weaker. We don’t need a voice to speak for us, We are strong, and we are independent. We don’t need Feminism which doesn’t treat everybody equally. Women and Men both need to take a stand for themselves. Your Voice is your right, your right is your choice.