As we all must have experienced the new version of LinkedIn lately, we have seen many changes happening. Though the users are still anticipating new changes to roll out, hence we can assume what LinkedIn can come up with soon.

Let’s predict what changes we can expect and what can we do to deal with them.

Video Marketing

We have seen on Facebook that video marketing is one of the most useful tools to market. Our Facebook news feed is filled with videos and all those videos interest us some or the other way. Similarly, LinkedIn will not neglect this. LinkedIn too will work on making video marketing as one of the programs in their rollouts. Apart from this, LinkedIn (now owned by Microsoft) will likely integrate Skype into the contact section of your profile — allowing you to connect with your network via video.

Reason To Engage More

As we said that LinkedIn is inspiring with the changes seen on Facebook, LinkedIn has taken some necessary steps to build more engagement. With features like endorsing, groups, pulse, influencers, etc. people have started spending more time on LinkedIn. Otherwise, users signed into LinkedIn to see job recommendations and maintaining a professional profile. Hence, more features like these where we can see an opportunity to spend more time on LinkedIn.


An app that LinkedIn had purchased a few years back – Refresh hasn’t been launched or used. The purpose of the app is very simple, it allows you to link your calendar with LinkedIn and get a record of everyone listed in it. This will help one to schedule meetings and make it fruitful. They are also expected to roll a feature where one can host webinars on LinkedIn. This will make it very easy for professionals to come at one place, share and build a better network.


LinkedIn wants many users to opt for a premium account. With some features like How You Rank has been removed since it was free. There are more options for the premium account with an objective to get more professionals on board. Efforts to capitalize will only continue, so expect to see more features come with a price tag, while additional attractive features will be unveiled to make you want to upgrade.


LinkedIn ProFinder is another service that allows LinkedIn to monetize members. The workforce is becoming more remote, and virtual work is becoming the norm. In addition, the fluidity between contract work and employment will continue to increase. LinkedIn ProFinder will increase in value and popularity — and there will likely be add-on offerings and partnerships with other leaders in the virtual work ecosystem like,, and WeWork.

Stay tuned coz there’s a lot more that we can expect from LinkedIn and what can we do with it.