One of the most demanding smartphones across the globe. Xiaomi plans to come up with 100 new retail stores in India, the second largest smartphone market!

The Chinese company, which is valued at $45 billion, suffered a tough time last year as sales growth slowed — Xiaomi, notably, didn’t go public with sales figures for 2016 — but India has been a bright spot. It passed $1 billion in revenue for the first time in the country last year, and it ended 2016 as India’s second highest selling smartphone maker behind only Samsung, analysis reveal.

The first store named Mi Home will be opening in Bengaluru. The plan to touch the number in the next 2 years. Jain told Economics Times that Xiaomi is aiming to stock all products available in India but, in the off chance that it is out, customers will be able to pick up a code that allows them to buy their desired device online. The stores will also show off products from China before their local launch in India.

Initially, Xiaomi is somewhat constrained by Indian regulations on overseas firms operating brick and mortar retails stores. That means its first stores will be run by a partner, although Xiaomi said it has applied for the relevant license to take over. We all know that Apple is too set to plant its assembly point in India, hence the chase to become to pioneers of the market is both companies dream is at the top. They too are struggling for the permissions to step on the Indian soil. Apple’s motive to come to India is to increase the sale of their phone. While there has been a fair growth in the sales, but it hasn’t successfully penetrated Android and Samsung lovers completely. Why? Because an Android user once switches iOS doesn’t switch back to Android.

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Many users are still using the iPhone 6, however, the iPhone 7 is already circulating in the market but not many people have bought because of budget issues. Whereas Samsung has done without much stress. The curved screen of Samsung phones with more space and quality has changed the course of action. Let’s see who wins the battle. Well, back to the topic, you will soon see an Mi Store near you!