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About PHP Development

Hats-Off Digital is a leading PHP development company aiming to provide robust web & app development services to clients around the globe. Our agency is extensively known for delivering expert PHP solutions tailored to fit your specific business requirements and engage customers while meeting coding standards.

With our multiple Custom PHP development services, we facilitate you with various web properties such as social networking sites, blogs, E-Commerce stores with payment integration, and software for internal team use. We render the best PHP development solutions that are rapid, responsive, and adaptable. By blending PHP's power and ability, at Hats-Off, we build robust, engaging, and interactive websites.

Industries we serve

To surge ahead of your competitors, we offer highly-customized and feature-rich PHP web development services to help you empower your business. Our aim is to deliver creative and result oriented services.

PHP is among the most widely used web programming languages, empowering your website via its exceptional, comprehensive, plug-and-play features. Our team of PHP developers are proficient at using best-in-class PHP technologies to offer amazing PHP web development services. They also possess technical expertise in HTML5, CSS, jQuery, MySQL, and more, providing an advantage to your development.

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PHP services
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PHP based Back-end development for mobile apps

No matter how complex your mobile apps are, PHP developers at Hats-OFF will deliver you with an efficient back-end development. Backends are the most integral part of any apps. A well though & designed backend can save a lot of time to manage & helps to easily navigate through the data.

PHP based E-Commerce Solutions

To develop well-functioned E-Commerce websites or applications, it requires a technology that is problematic yet easy to use. PHP is the right solution. E-Commerce requires the right expertise to develop, keeping in mind the future growth aspect & ensure the ecommerce portal works flawlessly.

PHP based Website Development for Enterprise

We develop dynamic and multi-page websites that respond well to all the devices with PHP. To develop an easily scalable enterprise solution, we ensure the right structure of code & flow is maintained to deliver a worthy corporate website.

PHP Application Migration & Upgrades

We assist with migration and up-gradation to keep you in touch with the latest technology. Get your applications Upgraded to PHP easily with our PHP application migration services.

Custom PHP Module & Plugin Development

Hats-Off is best known for its expertise in developing customized solutions and plugins for business websites efficiently in PHP.

PHP Maintenance & Support

to resolve all your queries related to PHP development, our support team at Hats-Off Digital is always available. Our team of developers will also assist you in the maintenance of your businesses with our expertise.


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Why choose Hats-Off
for Your PHP Web Development

Using PHP for the development and maintenance of your website lends amazing advantages in terms of flexibility besides the ability to execute complicated functions. The expert and experienced PHP programmers at Hats-Off Digital are brilliant at what they do. Our team tries their best to meet up-to-your expectations in using the ideal blend of PHP tools and features that provides growth in the performance and hi-end navigation experience on the website. With us, you get the tools, resources, skills, knowledge, and expertise to address the complicated PHP website development necessities. Our services will help you to maximize your ROI along with reduced overall development costs.

In short to sum up below are some pointers
  • Rich experience with diverse PHP projects brought to our credit.

  • Extensive use of the most trendy development tools and latest technologies & techniques.

  • Customer-centric solutions which match the business requirements of clients.

  • Commitment and compassion towards the completion of projects within the stipulated timeframes.

  • Availability for constant support through all means of communication and regular reporting about the project.

Aftercare and support

The websites and applications developed through PHP will not run smoothly forever. It’s a simple fact. The way you service your car to keep it on the road, your websites and applications also require benefits from regular check-ups.

  • Regular servicing: We will always be available to look after all of your PHP maintenance needs.

  • Code updates: We will align your system with the latest third-party updates and will make sure that your current system is risk-free by monitoring code bases.

  • Bug fixing: Enduring tweaks and edits to uphold optimum operations.

Agile Methodology

At Hats-Off, we believe in using agile methodology as it helps in faster development, and reduces the development cost. This methodology makes it easier for the client to go through the sprint and ask for changes in each phase of development. The clients don't have to ask for modifications and alterations after the entire product is developed. The crystal-clear and artistic methodology of working is what makes us unique.


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Frequently Asked

Absolutely! Optimization is the most integral part of building a website. It needs to be managed at the development stage. With our enhanced coding standards and project planning strategies, we ensure to use minimum but accurate lines of code that’ll help gain better results in optimization with utmost security for the website.

We take care of our website’s security with the highest priority. Our team of skilled developers make sure we do not include any indefinite third-party links on the website that could hamper the safety of the company and its brand content. However, the security of the website also depends on the type of server the website is being hosted on. For which we can always recommend our clients with reliable server providers.

A static website is a simple way of coding where the content remains the same, which is why the term 'static'. One needs to have basic coding knowledge to change the content for its webpages. The number of pages also remain fixed as they were developed and delivered. It is generally designed for informative websites, that needs to showcase information about their company.

A dynamic website is a more complex style of coding a website. Here we design a backend to give the user the ability to add, modify and remove content on the pages separately. The pages are also created dynamically with pre-designed templates. Companies that want to display their services and portfolios opt for a dynamically coded website.

For a static website, you would require the assistance of a technical person to make the changes in the website. For a dynamic website, every page will have a visual editor designed in the backend that’ll be allocated to its corresponding element in the front-end; i.e. text, image, headings etc. The changes need to be made and saved for it to reflect in the respective pages. Documentation will be provided by the team with a 1 hour recorded session after the website is live to understand the operation more thoroughly.

Yes, you can. The main benefit with PHP website is that it is flexible with coding. We have full control and knowledge of the website’s custom functions which helps us in adding additional code without hindering the existing design of the website.

Yes, with 8 years of experience in SEO optimization, we have been following up with the latest developments of Google and have been implementing them to our websites as well. Our designers and our developers work hand in hand on the design of the website to bring out the best results. Our team with proficient SEO experts also provides suggestive on-page and off-page measures to gain higher Google rankings.

To start with a new website, we will first authorize a Project Leader to your website who will capture your requirements and also provide you with his/her ideas based on their understanding. After we have received a few reference sites from you, we will begin with the designing of the homepage. Once the homepage is approved, along with its elements (buttons, text color, fonts etc.), the rest of the designs will be created with the same consistency.

On completion of the designing phase, we begin the development of the website and share a staging/demo link with you to view the timely progress of the website. Meanwhile, the required content sheet will be shared with you to gather the content for the website. As we have completed the desktop view, we will add the content provided by you and start with the other responsive views (mobile, iPad) of the website.

In the end, we give the website couple of thorough checks, and if all looks good, we deploy it on the server.

We do not charge anything on overviewing a website. It is always a delight to review websites for our clients and guide them to the right way of developing a website.

Definitely! From content updating to uploading new gallery images, our team of developers are quick in adapting and improving different coding techniques. We can also cover designing and development modifications for you and suggest new strategies to enhance the features as well as look and feel of the website.

Absolutely! Hats Off has designed and developed websites for various kinds of industries in different platforms. We will be able to help you out with any style of website template you are looking for from our custom designs as well as from our online web archives. With our creative in-house designing team, we can model your website exactly how you want it.

If the php versions of the old server and the server we are migrating the website to are the same, it won’t take long. We will check if the domain is pointed to the new hosting server and upload the files there. We will also be importing the database (if any) to the new server and establishing its connection with the source code. After final checks on the emails and forms on the website, we will be live successfully.