Create a corporate identity with Hats-Off print design services. Hats-Off is a design and print company that offers a creative approach to your stationery needs. We design logos, letterheads, business cards as well as brochures and catalogs.

We are a company ourself. Thus, we know how important it is to present our company and its services to potential as well as existing clients. We have learned visually appealing stationery catches the eye of potential clients. Therefore, we can help you create authentic, meaningful and ingenious designs that have a strong visual impact and appeal.

We provide design and print services for the following products:

Logo Designing

Hats-Off provides logo designing services in Pune and all over India. We pride ourselves in creating custom logo designs that are not just unique, but also affordable. Not just start-up companies approach us for our affordable rates, but even established organizations hire us to creatively spice up their print stationery.

The creative team of Hats-Off strategically designs logos that add sense to your line of work. Our logos lead to instant recognition and brand popularity. A logo is the trademark or symbol for any small, moderate or large organization. Keeping this in mind, our team captures the essence of your brand. Thus, giving an identity to your company.

At Hats-Off, we design logos that can represent your mission, values and the company brand. Our designers have an outstanding sense of creativity and an eye for details that helps in designing modern corporate logos in 3D, animation as well as the classic versions.

Business Card Design

The first thing that you offer someone you meet for the first time is your business card. It is your identity, the front line for not just your image, but also your business. A business card should be able to portray not just professionalism, but also high values and quality service.

Professionally designed business cards can make a whole lot of difference in gaining confidence of clients and future customers. Hats-Off business card design and prints will help you get all the attention among the competition. Your cards will definitely be picked up by potential clients from amongst your competition in the market.

Letterheads and Envelopes

Even in the world of email, it is very important to send out memos, notes, invoices as well as letters. One should have a letterhead and envelope that gives a distinct look to your company. Your print stationery should exhibit your reliability as well as credibility. Hats-Off letterhead design and print creates a distinguishing identity for your company. Our team understands your requirement and will provide you with ample options to choose from. Revolutionize your printed stationery with customized letterhead designs by Hats-Off.

Brochure and Catalogue Design

One of the most important tools for marketing are brochures and catalogues. They advertise your services or products. These short books with advertisement help create a corporate identity for your brand. Thus, it is very important to have a good brochure and catalogue design.

Hats-Off designing team understands that a brochure needs a proper structure, theme as well as objective. We provide an array of brochure designs and print options that helps you develop a unique and different advertisement model. Similarly, our catalogue designs contain high definition photographs and designs. Thus, target the market with your products and get more buyers.