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Why Is Your Article In Wikipedia’s Draft Log?

Drafts are pages in Wikipedia’s Draft namespace where new articles can be created and developed for some time. This allows editors and writers to develop new articles and to receive feedback on them before moving them to Wikipedia’s mainspace. There are two main reasons why your articles might be in the draft log.


Anyone can create and edit drafts, including users who are not logged in. However, to publish the draft to the article mainspace page requires auto-confirmed rights. This means that anonymous editors or registered editors who are not auto-confirmed will need to request publication for their article by inserting into their drafts the relevant template for a page move request.

As a result of a deletion discussion:

Articles can be moved to the draft log as a result of a deletion discussion. This is followed by deletion or a request for undeletion. When your article is moved to the draftspace, try to understand and respond to the reason for moving to draft status, and then use the Articles for Creation (AfC) submission process to have the page moved back to the mainspace. The aim of an article getting moved to drafts is to allow time for the draft’s improvement until it is ready for mainspace. It does not mean certain deletion.

There are numerous reasons your Wikipedia page can get deleted, these are:

If the content you have written meets at least one of the criteria for speedy deletion.

It violates copyrights and/or includes other material that violates Wikipedia’s content criteria.

It includes vandalism, or if it is written solely for depreciating the subject.

If it is composed entirely of patent nonsense, that is, gibberish.

It has advertising or some other kind of spam.

If your article cannot be attributed to reliable sources.

If it contains content that is not suitable for an encyclopedia.

How Can A Wiki Draft Creation Service Help You?

If your article has been stuck in the drafts section for any of the above reasons, a professional Wikipedia draft creation service India can help you in editing and publishing your article to the site’s mainspace.

Wikipedia has very strict guidelines to follow, and if any of these are broken, it could result in getting your article deleted or even result in a permanent ban from Wikipedia. To avoid this, you can hire a Wikipedia draft creation agency to create your Wikipedia page. They can guide you in submitting a Wikipedia draft for review, reviewing a draft to see if it complies with Wikipedia’s guidelines, and in publishing it. Another advantage of hiring an agency for Wiki draft creation is that you get to work with an experienced editor who is already trusted by the Wiki community. Thus it will be much faster and more efficient than trying to publish the article on your own.

Why Hats-Off Is One Of The Best Wiki Page Draft Creators?

HatsOff has helped many companies, PR agencies, and others get published and approved on Wikipedia. We have the best wiki page draft creators that create, expand, and also review Wikipedia entries to ensure that the information is up-to-date and complies with the Wiki guidelines.

Our Wikipedia team consists of expert editors and moderators who will review your article thoroughly before moving it to Wikipedia’s mainspace. We will make sure that your article has all of the following aspects:

Has a neutral tone

Is factual

Respects the basic rules

Respects copyrights

Is properly cited

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