Here’s what goes on within a game development agency

Video games are thriving today. The gaming industry is worth billions of dollars and is on an exponential rise. From a game as simple as Ludo or Snakes and ladders on the board, or as complex as Pub-G or Quiz-up connecting the whole world online, the resultant fun is a factor of the multiple dimensions that exist for the development of a game. Storyline, storyboards, characters, tools, mechanisms, software… ugh, the list continues to go on. You don’t want to deal with these complexities! So, we, a game design and development agency have got your backs.

We are Hats-off digital, a game development company in Pune/Mumbai, ready to cater to all your game designing needs. Our extremely hospitable teams with their skills, dedication, and experiences want to provide you with nothing but the best. Getting to know you, your purpose, and what you are looking for is essential for us to make it as personalized as it can get.

Game design agency at work:

Visuals are so essential for videogames today. Without interesting graphics, no game stands a chance. The main idea is for the game to be realistic, for it to consume the players and provide them an alternate universe to get lost in, to help them escape the stress and hectic lives of the real world. The artists of our game design agency are commendable. They will exploit the ideas that you approach us with and bring life to it by putting vivid storylines and storyboards forth. Their expertise lies in comic-style 2D art, photorealistic 3D models, and stretches to more fascinating features like animations. When it comes to bringing your idea to life, we decide for the medium that will be the most compatible with your game. From using a paper and pencil to ideate, to 3D models and advanced animation tools like Maya or 3D studio, our game design and development agency has the people with the required and varied skill-set. After all, with the minefields, warzones, alien planets, or fantasy worlds that you provide to your customers, you are sure to get etched in their brains. Similarly, we aim to get in yours. Our content is beyond ordinary and with this game design agency you are sure to be pleased.

Swipe up to jump, swipe down to roll, tap the screen to crush the bug, or tilt the screen escape from the hurdles. While playing these games, everything happens effortlessly on a tap, a swipe, or on the press of a button. But, have you ever thought what goes on behind? What all a game development agency might have to look into to make it happen? Well, it’s a bundle of things. Our game design and development agency, fortunately, possess those with years of experience and an eye for innovation. Alongside deciding the software best for your product, these talented individuals are also trained enough to code and implement them. Game engines form the base of any game with its integral parts looking into graphics, audio, algorithms, logic, artificial intelligence, etc.

Cocos2D, Box2D, Unity, and Unreal are some existing 2D and 3D game engines our game development agency highly utilizes. Some are simple and help create games for multiple platforms (like iOS, PCs, Android), some have exceptionally rendered graphics while some pay attention to audios and networks as well. With the plethora of options available it becomes a challenge as to what to use where. This confusion is made unavailable here, at our game development company in Pune/Mumbai, where we don’t just make decisions about the compatible engines but also offer generating newer engines according to your preferences and customizations.

game development agency in pune-mumbai

You are in luck. This game development company in Pune/Mumbai has more to provide! Let’s see what it is:

The amalgamation of storylines, backgrounds, concepts, sound effects, controls, levels, technology, and art finally brings us to our desired product. This also constitutes the hard work of our professional team and the cordial environment available at this game development agency. Although that’s not the end of our journey. We, at Hats off, believe that after the primary process of creation, it is of at most importance for a game to gain recognition and either build, or maintain the reputation of the brand or company it represents. Here, you can get on board with our marketing and branding team, again filled with people of content, ideas, and caliber.

Why Hats-Off-A Game Development Company?

‘You lead, we follow’ is one of our policies to make sure you are a part of the entire process that is bringing your idea in application. After all, no one knows what you want to put out there better than you. Deeply understanding the value of a dream, an idea, we take extra care when designing so that the end product is as precise as possible to the image in your mind. We believe in you and aim to make sure you do in us too. At this game design agency our focus is to eliminate regrets.

Drawing inspiration from Nintendo, Ubisoft, Rockstar… who brought Mario, GTA (Grand Theft Auto), Assassin’s Creed, and what not to the world, we are focussed on improvisation. Every input you provide, every comment or suggestion you bring our way is much appreciated. We want you to know you are heard and everything you say is highly valuable for our development and for us to give you the best. We are Hats off Digital, your game design and development agency.

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