In today’s digital age, all thanks to the advanced technology, the playing field is even. We live in a world where a one-man start-up can compete with an industry’s “top dogs,” as long as they have a sound public relation strategy in place.

A Clear and Distinct PR Mantra can define Your Brand

Having a unique narrative allows a business or organization to tap into what they truly value and how they approach every aspect of their business. More than a slogan, a mantra is a simple, yet powerful saying, phrase or affirmative statement used to motivate or encourage our inner being. It’s an instrument of self-transformation -- an affirmation that we repeat to express and grow the beliefs we hold dearest.

We at Hats Off, define a PR mantra as a brand’s core positioning and stake-in-the-ground message. It is the foundation on which a brand grows, what a brand takes pride in and where a brand has a true interest in making a real impact.

PR Mantra Evolves with a Brand

As a brand grows and transforms, so does its voice in its industry and the world. In turn, a brand’s PR mantra may shift in parallel to its core business messaging and positioning. It’s important to state that PR mantras are not elusive or shallow, and they do not casually come and go as industry trends change. Instead, they are designed to stand the test of time and be built on a foundation of beliefs and values that will last year’s -- not months -- and evolve as the business climate changes.
Find the Edge through successful PR Campaigns

Reputation is everything in business – the old saying ‘it takes years to build and only seconds to lose…’ is totally true. So you have the choice of either leaving it to chance or taking control and ensuring you can choose the image of your business that reaches your audience.

A great way to do this is through PR, either in-house or by using a specialized communication agency. We as a specialized PR agency allows the brand to manage the positive flow of information about their company/brands. We also help them to handle any negative comments and give the correct responses at the right time.

A reputed PR firm represents a fantastic, cost-effective way to ensure your customers are clued up about what you do, and that you are always broadcasting the most beneficial business image.